American Resource Center Scholarship 2014 Awarded

Chargé d’Affaires Susan Elbow (middle) presented ARC Grant 2014 certificates to Anna Wennäkoski and Joonas Tuhkuri. (© State Dept.)

American Resource Center Grant 2014 awardees were celebrated on May 7 at the Helsinki University Kaisa Library. Scholarships were presented to Ms. Anna Wennäkoski and Mr. Joonas Tuhkuri. Anna Wennäkoski prepares her thesis to Hanken School of Economics and the title of her thesis is “Examining the Undisclosed – A Comparative Analysis of the Protection of Trade Secrets in the European Union and in the United States.” Joonas Tuhkuri is finalizing his studies at the Department of  Political and Economic Studies at the University of Helsinki and the title of his thesis is “Big Data: Do Google Searches Predict Unemployment?”

A total of 14 applications were submitted for the ARC Grant 2014. The competition was nationwide – students from six universities across Finland submitted their applications, and it attracted interest from a wide variety of academic programs. The applications covered a wide variety of subject matters including political science, cultural history, the English language, and social science.

The winners for the ARC Grant 2014 were chosen by Mr. Jeff Reneau, Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs (U.S. Embassy), Ms. Jeanie Duwan, Assistant Public Affairs Officer (U.S. Embassy), and Ms. Terhi Mölsä, Executive Director, Fulbright Center.

The ARC Grant program has awarded students working with their Masters since 2006, and the next application period will start in September 2015.