Announcing the 2017 ARC Grant Recipients! (January 30, 2018)

ARC Grant winning theses (© State Dept.)

A record number four American Resource Center (ARC) Grants have been awarded in 2017 due to the exceptionally high quality of applications this year. The selection panel consisted of Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs T.J. Grubisha, U.S. Embassy; Executive Director Terhi Mölsä from the Fulbright Finland Foundation; and Assistant Public Affairs Officer Ethan Tabor, U.S. Embassy. The ARC received a number of applications representing six universities across Finland.

The recipients of the 2017 ARC Grants are:

Ms. Emilia Lehtonen (University of Helsinki), Master’s Thesis Title: Transfer of Business to the USA and its Tax Implications – The Private Equity Fund’s Perspective

Mr. Tuomas Lieskivi (University of Turku), Master’s Thesis Title: Made in America – America-related Representations and Author-positions in Articles of Suomen Kuvalehti in 2016

Ms. Tinja Nieminen (University of Jyväskylä), Master’s Thesis Title: The Feminist Voice of Hip-hop? – Negotiating Alternative Identities in Contemporary American Hip-hop

Mr. Ilmari Reunamäki (University of Tampere), Master’s Thesis Title: The Mentality of an American Civil War Soldier in the Wartime Letters