Announcing the 2018 ARC Grant Recipients (February 25, 2019)

ARC Grant winning theses (© State Dept.)

The U.S. Embassy Finland is pleased to announce the recipients of the ARC Grant 2018 scholarship which is an annual grant to students of Finnish nationality, enrolled at a Finnish university, who are currently working on a Master’s Thesis on a United States related topic.

The selection panel consisted of Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs T.J. Grubisha, U.S. Embassy; Executive Director Terhi Mölsä from the Fulbright Finland Foundation; and Deputy Public Affairs Officer Ethan Tabor, U.S. Embassy. The American Resource Center received a number of applications representing four universities across Finland.

Since 2006, 25 Finnish students have received the ARC Grant.

The recipients of the 2018 ARC Grant are:

Heidi Pennanen (University of Helsinki): “International Space Law and Space Resource Utilization – United States’ Approach to Freedom of Use”

Salla Uusitalo (University of Tampere): “Expanding Corporate Social Responsibility – Starbucks as a Political & Human Rights Activist in the American Society”

Heini Ylärakkola (University of Turku): “California Dreaming – Finns in California since the Gold Rush till Silicon Valley”