Clarinet Trio Visiting Helsinki (March 20-25, 2017)

Clarinet Trio performing in Helsinki (© State Dept.)
Clarinet Trio performing for an audience (© State Dept.)
Clarinet Trio performing at Meeting Point Café Botania (© State Dept.)

The United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Band, Clarinet Trio visited Helsinki on March 20-25. The Clarinet Trio, consisting of Staff Sergeant Lenora Dziergowski, Staff Sergeant David Halperin, and Senior Airman Randolph Palanda, entertained a variety of audiences during their visit. Whether it was immigrants, refugees, school children or veterans, this highly-skilled trio charmed everyone with their versatile program and they made many new friends during their visit. Their version of the Finnish folk song Säkkijärven polkka was a huge success in every place!

Clarinet Trio performing at a school (© State Dept.)
Siltamäki primary school (© State Dept.)

The trio performed at Meeting Point Café Botania, Siltamäki primary school, and Kauniala hospital as well as at the U.S. Embassy Helsinki.

The USAFE Band traces its origins back to 1943 and bands are traveling around the world to enhance friendly relations with the United States. The Clarinet trio is based in Ramstein, Germany.

Clarinet Trio performing at Kauniala hospital (© State Dept.)
Kauniala hospital (© State Dept.)

More photos available at the U.S. Embassy Finland Flickr album.