Public Diplomacy Section

The Public Diplomacy Section manages the U.S. Embassy’s media relations and our broad range of educational and cultural programs throughout Finland.

The Press Section

The Press team engages with Finnish media to provide authoritative information on U.S. government policies. The section organizes press events for U.S. officials on topics related to U.S.-Finnish relations and global issues. The Press Section also works with the State Department’s Press Centers in Washington, D.C. and New York and Brussels to help visiting journalists cover U.S. policies and to facilitate access to authoritative U.S. information sources.

Journalists may contact the Press Office at:

phone: +358-9-616-250

Cultural and Educational Relations

The Public Diplomacy Section also manages educational and cultural programs, often in collaboration with Finnish institutions. The U.S. Embassy actively engages with the Fulbright Finland Foundation and the Study of the U.S. Institutes programs. Public Diplomacy Section works with the Finnish Agency of National Education and AFS Finland on the Future Leaders Program for high school-aged Finns. PDS also manages other exchanges and programs, such as the American Entrepreneurial Challenge, the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute, U.S. speaker programs, and many more.

Information about studying in the United States is also available on the Department of State’s web site Education USA. Individuals interested in studying in the U.S. are encouraged to contact the Fulbright Finland Foundation for information regarding U.S. universities, including entrance examinations and admission requirements, plus many links to related sites.

Please contact with questions regarding the U.S. Embassy’s cultural and educational programming.