Great Decisions – A Group Bringing Participants Together to Discuss U.S. Foreign Policy

Deputy Chief of Mission Susan Elbow, Assistant Public Affairs Officer Jeanie Duwan, and group moderator Marko Korkeakoski. (© State Dept.)

This fall the American Resource Center organized the Great Decisions Discussion Group for the second year in Finland. Great Decisions is the United States’ largest discussion program on world affairs by the Foreign Policy Association. Participants are provided with materials on the most critical global issues facing America today and have the opportunity to meet weekly for discussion sessions. This year a bright, enthusiastic group of 15 participants met for eight weeks, covering topics ranging from Syria’s refugee crisis to privacy in the digital age to sectarianism in the Middle East.

The final meeting of the year was hosted at the U.S. Embassy Innovation Center where Deputy Chief of Mission Susan Elbow welcomed the participants and the moderator of the group, Marko Korkeakoski.