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Ambassador Oreck Opens Discover America Pavilion at Travel Fair

Ambassador Bruce Oreck on January 15 opened the Discover America Pavilion at Nordic Travel Fair 2015. After the ribbon-cutting the Ambassador greeted the exhibitors at the pavilion. The annual travel fair gathers together industry professionals and travel aficionados at Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki. This year the fair is themed “Where the Whole World Meets.”
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Team Wins the 2014 Ambassador’s Entrepreneurial Challenge

Team is the winner of 2014 Ambassador’s Entrepreneurial Challenge. The team seeks to address unemployment among youth aged 15-24 in Finland. The final of this year’s AEC took place on Thursday, November 20, 2014. Team comes from Cygnaeus-lukio in Jyväskylä. More images available through the U.S. Embassy Finland Flickr album . More information about the Ambassador’s Entrepreneurial Challenge .
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