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Regional Security Office

The Regional Security Office (RSO) is responsible for the security of diplomatic personnel, property, and sensitive information in Finland. Regional Security Officers are Special Agents of the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service and are sworn Federal Law Enforcement Officers. The security team at Embassy Helsinki also includes a Security Engineering Office, Office Support Personnel, a Marine Security Guard (MSG) Detachment, Foreign Service National Investigators (FSNI), and Embassy Security Guards.

RSO responsibilities include enforcing and applying the Department of State’s security policies and procedures, advising the Embassy community on security matters, liaising with Finnish police and security authorities, and responding to requests for assistance from U.S. law enforcement agencies. The Regional Security Office is the coordinator for all U.S. law enforcement agencies, both federal and local, which do not have permanent offices established at U.S. Embassy Helsinki. The Regional Security Office is also the Technical Advisor to the Overseas Security Advisory Council, an organization of U.S. businesses designed to address security concerns affecting private sector activities in Finland.

Marine Security Guard Detachment

The primary mission of Marine Security Guards is to provide internal security services at designated United States Diplomatic and Consular facilities, to prevent the compromise of classified information and equipment vital to the national security of the United States. The secondary mission of MSGs is to provide protection for United States citizens and United States Government property located within the premises of designated United States Diplomatic and Consular facilities.