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Renounce Citizenship

Find information about renouncing your U.S. citizenship on the travel.state.gov website.

An individual may exercise the right to formally renounce U.S. citizenship in accordance with Section 349(a)(5) INA.

Renunciation of U.S. citizenship, is a very serious and irrevocable exercise and should therefore only be undertaken after serious consideration of the consequences. You must demonstrate that you are fully aware of the consequences, before you receive an appointment. Please read all of the information below on this website and under the links provided.

Renunciation of U.S. citizenship in Finland can only be done in person, by appointment, at the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki.

To receive an appointment for an application to renounce you must complete the following forms and provide your answers to the questionnaire below. Then contact us through our U.S. Citizens Services Navigator (Google Forms).

Please review and complete:

Form DS-4081 (PDF 199 KB): Statement of Understanding Concerning Consequences and Ramifications of Relinquishment or Renunciation of U.S. citizenship and

Form DS-4080 (PDF 263 KB): Oath/Affirmation of Renunciation of Nationality United States which are used in connection with renunciation of U.S. citizenship.  After completion, please contact us through our U.S. Citizen Services Navigator. The original documents will have to be signed before an American consular officer at the time of your renunciation.  At this time you also have to turn in your current U.S. passport and show proof of any other nationality.

In addition, you may choose to submit a separate written explanation of your reasons for renunciation at your appointment.

You may also wish to refer to the travel website of the State Department (Law and Policy), for more information regarding renunciation and dual citizenship.

Please note that you will also be required to file IRS form 8854 directly with the Internal Revenue Service.  For additional details and to download the form, please see the IRS website.

Before we can schedule an appointment for your renunciation at the U.S. Consulate in Helsinki we require the following information from you:

  • Your current address, telephone number and e-mail address;
  • Your full name as listed in your U.S. passport;
  • All previous names that you have used, if any;
  • a scan or photocopy of your completed but not signed Form DS-4080;
  • a scan or photocopy of your completed but not signed Form DS-4081;
  • Manner in which you acquired U.S. citizenship
  • Date and place of birth (city and state/country);
  • Your most recent U.S. Passport Number;
  • Your Social Security Number;
  • Your Last known U.S. address;
  • Your other nationality, if applicable;
  • Date when you acquired your other nationality;
  • Manner in which you acquired your other nationality (e.g. by birth, naturalization, etc. If you naturalized provide the date and place.);
  • Please list all periods of time that you have spent in the U.S., from birth until present time;

N.B.:  Effective September 12, 2014, the fee for the “Administrative Processing of Formal Renunciation of U. S Citizenship” is $2,350.00. It will be collected at the time of your appointment. Credit card payments are preferred. No third party can be present during a renunciation interview.


Form DS-4079 (PDF 142 KB): Determination of Possible Loss of U.S. Citizenship. If you have relinquished your U.S. citizenship in the past but have not requested a Certificate of Loss of Nationality, you may complete Form DS-4079 in lieu of Form DS-4080.

More information on relinquishment can be found on travel.state.gov.

Effective November 9, 2015, the application/processing fee for relinquishment of U.S. citizenship is equal to the fee for renouncing U.S. citizenship: $2,350.

If you have requested a Certificate of Loss of Nationality but no longer possess this document, you may write to the Department of State.