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Tips for Visiting

Please NOTE: Visitor laptops may no longer be stored at Compound Access Control (CAC) points. Visitors who arrive with laptops will be denied entry.

Don’t come unless you have to. While we are always happy to see our American citizen clients, we have limited waiting room space and long lines. If you can conduct your business by mail or on-line, please do so. NOTE: Passport applicants who can apply by mail MUST apply by mail. Please see Passports – Renewal to obtain information on By-Mail applications.

Come on time. There will be a security check before you are allowed to enter the embassy compound area and to the consulate waiting room. To ensure that everything goes smoothly during the security check, do not bring big handbags or packages with you. Also, you will not be allowed to bring electronic or photographic equipment with you to our waiting room or on other Embassy premises.

Do not forget to bring your payment with you to your appointment. Payment is accepted in U.S. Dollars or the equivalent amount in Euros. You may also consult the Department of State’s Passport Fee Calculator for further information and guidance on passport fees, as well as changes to the official schedule of fees.

For passport applicants: Complete (but don’t sign) your passport application before you arrive.

For passport applicants: Bring one photo that meets our requirements.

For passport applicants: Bring an addressed, postage-paid return envelope. You may not pick up your passport in person. Please note the tracking numbers of all mailing envelopes for your records.

For notarial clients: If your document requires an oath (e.g., if the document says “swear,” “sworn,” “affirm,” “affirmed,” or “affidavit”), do not sign the document, but make sure that all other blanks are filled in before coming to the Embassy. If your signature must be notarized and witnessed, you must bring witnesses with you. You will need to provide the names of witnesses at the time you schedule an appointment.

For notarial clients: If your document is to be acknowledged (e.g., if the part where the notary is to sign says “acknowledged” or “acknowledges”), complete the entire document and sign it (in front of witnesses, if necessary) before coming to the Embassy.