How “Tuntematon sotilas” Became “Unknown Soldiers”

Introducing "Unknown Soldiers"
Translator Liesl Yamaguchi with the book "Unknown Soldiers" (© State Dept.)
Translator Liesl Yamaguchi with the book “Unknown Soldiers” (© State Dept.)

The American Resource Center had the pleasure of hosting a lecture by translator Liesl Yamaguchi at Helsinki University Library on April 28. Liesl’s translation of Väinö Linna’s “Tuntematon sotilas” was published on April 30th. The translation process was long and laborious, requiring countless hours of background research and expert interviews with military representatives both in Finland and the United States.

In her public lecture, Liesl Yamaguchi shared her translation process and explained some of the creative ways she solved translation-related issues. Thank you and congratulations on this significant accomplishment, Liesl!