U.S. Special Arctic Representative Admiral Papp Visited Finland

Admiral Papp visiting Finnish Lapland with DCM Susan Elbow. (© State Dept.)
Admiral Papp in Lapland. (© State Dept.)
Admiral Papp in Lapland. (© State Dept.)

U.S. Special Representative for the Arctic Admiral Robert J. Papp visited Finland from January 22-25.  In Helsinki he emphasized the importance of U.S.-Finnish cooperation on Arctic Issues, especially given our countries’ upcoming back-to-back chairmanships of the Arctic Council, during a panel discussion hosted by FIIA.  He also met with Foreign Minister Tuomioja, visited the Finnish Coast Guard Cutter Turva, learned about Finnish icebreaking expertise aboard the

Urho at Arctia Shipping, and discussed Arctic environmental concerns with Finnish and international NGOs at the Innovation Center.  A highlight of his trip was a visit to Inari on Saturday, January 24, where he met with municipal leaders and representatives of local businesses to discuss tourism, Arctic testing possibilities, and environmental challenges.

While in Finnish Lapland, high above the Arctic Circle, Admiral Papp visited the Finnish Sami Cultural Center and the Sami Parliament, discussing the challenges and opportunities for the indigenous population.  Speaking to the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Admiral Papp emphasized the need for broad collaboration on Arctic affairs. He often referred to his visit to Finland as the “most important stop” of his five-country tour.