How to Request an Exception

If you are a non-immigrant visa holder, an ESTA traveler, or a non-immigrant visa applicant who believes you meet one of the limited exceptions under the Presidential Proclamations, please send a request by email to Requests should include a scan of your passport bio page as well as a scan of one of the following: visa appointment confirmation, valid visa, or ESTA approval. (Visa applicants should follow the instructions at to request an emergency appointment.)
Please also include the following information:

Last name:

First name:

Date of birth:

Place of birth:

Country of citizenship:

Passport number:

Place of current permanent residence:

Are you currently in Finland?

Do you currently have a visa? If yes, type?

Are you applying for a new visa? If yes, type?

Travel dates:

Travel purpose:

Each request will be carefully considered as our limited resources allow. Emails in languages other than English may slow response time. We aim to respond to each request within two weeks but cannot guarantee a decision date or the outcome of the decision. Please note that national interest exceptions, when granted, are valid for a single entry within 30 days of approval.